eCommerce search + merchandising

An intuitive and efficient shopping experience

Elastic Suite Premium Edition brings carefully crafted features that will turbo charge their searches and bring light on carefully merchandised products.

eCommerce merchandising
and SEO

Smart Virtual categories let merchants launch commercial operations by creating categories based on rules. These rules let you use product data or metadata as well as contextual information like the time of year or even coming from other parts of your business like your OMS for instance.

When a rule is created, products are displayed in front-office in real time. No asynchronous indexing or cronjob is required and the rule is fully automatic and processed on-the-fly so you are free to focus on something more important.

Here are some examples of Smart Virtual Categories you
could easily create:

  • Discount: all discounted products
  • News products
  • Good deals: products with prices < X $
  • Products with high stocks
  • Products about to be sold out

Blazing fast
autocompletion box

Users don’t want to wait when they are interacting with your search bar. With Elastic Suite Premium edition, we ship a lightning fast auto completion box that will start suggesting products to your customers within milliseconds so that you can offer to them the most perfect experience of browsing as possible.

any product

You may want to promote a single product or a set of products from your catalog and have them rank high in search results. With a feature we call ranking cocktails, merchants have the power to promote any products they want.

These are only a few examples. In fact, literally any existing product attribute can be used.

To conclude, use ranking cocktails to put forward the products you want to boost !

For instance, you can create boosts on :

  • New products
  • Discounted products
  • In stock products
  • Products of a given brand
  • A list of “hero” SKUs

Make star products shine,
get others out of the light

With ElasticSuite, merchants are able to preview each search query or category in the Back-Office and choose to pin a product at the top for this query search results. In some cases, merchants may also want to blacklist or bury a search result from a query.

Flexible filters,
maximum control

Customize layered navigation filter per category Relevant filters can differ across all categories for merchants selling a wide variety of products.
With ElasticSuite, merchants can configure & order navigation filters per category.

FDE: Different filters may be relevant depending on the category the customer is searching in. Presenting the right filter at the right navigation layer is key for any performing e-commerce web site. Elastic Suite Premium Edition gives merchants a precise control of which filter to present and the flexibility to adjust its appearing order. For each category.

layered navigation

Returning customers most probably use the same values for the same filters. Suppose you are an adult and you’re shopping for the right pair of shoes, you certainly don’t want to re-enter your shoe size at every visit, right?

ElasticSuite Premium Edition is smart enough to recommend your customers filters according to their previous usages providing them with a smoother and more efficient shopping experience.