Use Cases

Your Business Centric Solution

You can really improve the performance of your website, as our clients do

We have made this solution to answer any kind of business in B2C and B2B : Large Retail, food, DIY material retailers, clothes stores, luxury,…

+100 000

We wanted a simple yet powerful solution that can
be easily implemented in Magento in a short time

That’s why we picked ElasticSuite. It’s the tool which offers the best integration with Magento on the market. It’s also open, so we had easily customized it to fulfil exactly our requirements very easily.
The result: our website provides relevant search results for our advanced customers who look for specific products while addressing our less experimented consumers who do extensive research.

Bicycle specialist


An online bookstore catalog is complex, large and deep

Obtaining relevant search results requires to configure finely the thesaurus and the boost.
Our client could configure those points using exclusions, boost per search word, and many other capacities offered by our solution.

To sell DIY material, the retailer needs to have a very efficient search engine

The search function takes the 1st plan in the online customer journey: the surfers are often looking for a precise product and use the search bar to find the product or the category.
With the customized auto-complete of Elastic Suite, this website can help his client to find the perfect result and also see directly the product page if only product answered.