How Gally GPT, our IA-powered module, was born

Let consumers talk with your products !

You have read it everywhere : AI & LLM are revolutionizing software by introducing new ways for consumers to talk with company-owned data.

Of course, searchandising is largely concerned and by leveraging advanced LLM algorithms we can deliver hyper-personalized product recommendations in order to streamline the online shopping experience.

The main question that remains is how !

At Smile, ElasticSuite’s parent company, we recently organized an internal hackathon dedicated to exploring the integration of artificial intelligence and LLMs within searchandizing tools.

LLMs represent a huge potential for the future, as they possess a promising ability to understand and respond to human language. As a result, they are invaluable assets for search engines, and consequently for ElasticSuite and Gally.

During our hackathon event, several teams from Smile and its subsidiaries presented different projects. Amongst them was Gally GPT, the AI version of our product Gally. 

GallyGPT uses the power of GPT in order to offer a personal shopper assistant to whom customers can explain a situation and who will translate it into a query for our merchandising engine Gally, enabling it to suggest products corresponding to the demand and the needs expressed by the customer. 

And it doesn’t stop here : the customer has the possibility to continue and detail his search by engaging in a conversation with GallyGPT. 

The process is quite streamlined !

In this way, customers can greatly specify their demands, allowing them to transmit precise and detailed information to the search engine, and therefore receiving more adapted product suggestions. LLMs can revolutionize the way our searchandizing tool understands user queries, as it can comprehend not only the explicit meaning but also the implicit intent behind the search terms. This nuanced and more complete understanding allows our tool to deliver more accurate and relevant results, ensuring that customers find exactly what they need, faster than ever before.

With LLMs, Gally can now provide even more highly personalized and contextually relevant product recommendations. By analyzing vast amounts of customer data, such as purchase history and browsing behavior, our product can generate tailored recommendations that align with each customer’s preferences and needs. This level of personalized attention enhances the customer experience, driving engagement and increasing conversion rates.

GallyGPT is beneficial both for the customers and the seller. Customers can express their needs in a more precise way, while it is easier for you to understand them and make your products shine even more !

GPT for Gally will be soon available as a dedicated module. Stay tuned !