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Ignore manual positions for out of stock products

When you display out of stock products in the frontend, it can be annoying that a product manually positioned in a category or for a search query be still displayed at the configured position when it is no longer in stock.

A new setting named “Ignore manual positions of out of stock products” available in “Stores > Configuration > Elasticsuite > Catalog Search > Catalog Search Configuration” can now prevent this situation.

Category preview area in Category edit screen
Category preview in Explain & Compare screen

Configure the Elasticsuite Tracker to use the REST API endpoint

By default, the Elasticsuite tracking script which collects anonymized behavioral data (search queries, product views, product sales) uses an invisible pixel to push its data to Magento.

It can happen that frontend caches blocks image URLs with parameters for safety reason, preventing the collection of tracking data.

While our FAQ contains a workaround for Fastly, it is now possible to easily make the Elasticsuite tracker use the dedicated REST API endpoint which was developed several releases ago for headless themes integration.
The new setting is named “Use the API to collect data” and is available in “Stores > Configuration > Elasticsuite > Tracking > Global Configuration“.

Alphabetical sort of attribute options in the rule engine

When you have a very long list of options for a select or multiselect attribute, for example a “Brand” attribute with more than 100 values, it can sometimes be difficult to pick the desired option in the rule engine of the Search Optimizers or the Virtual Categories. It is because by default the options are listed in the order they were created.
A new setting named “**Alphabetical sorting of attribute options in the rule engine**” available in  “**Stores > Configuration > Elasticsuite > Catalog Search > Catalog Rules Configuration**” allows you to force an alphabetical sorting of the options.

☑️  Features

Premium modules

  • [Explain] Ignore manual positions for out of stock products

Core modules

  • [Optimizers, Virtual Categories] Allow forcing alphabetical sorting of product attributes options
  • [Optimizers, Virtual Categories] Ability to create rules based on stock qty
  • [Categories merchandising] Ignore manual positions for out of stock products
  • [Thesaurus] Feature #3063, allow mass enabling / disabling of Thesaurus
  • [Tracker] Officially adding REST API option to tracking script
  • [Analysis] Adding ‘untouched’ normalizer to ‘untouched’ fields

🐞 ## :bug: Fixes Bug fixes

Premium modules

  • [AbCampaigns] Fixing REST schema generation

Core modules

  • [Optimizers] Support new spellchecker settings in optimizers preview
  • [German Translation] fix typo
  • [Catalog Navigation] In sync with MSI 1.2.6, remove undeclared plugin

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