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Tools to check and fix invalid behavioral data

When the Elasticsuite tracker is enabled on a site with a custom theme or on a PWA frontend, it can happen that the data collection is not correctly performed, particularly that some events are registered with an undefined or ‘null’ user session identifier (tracker session.uid parameter).
In turn those events coming from different visitors (tracker session.vid parameter) would still be collected as events for a same navigation session spanning several weeks or months, generating a document in the behavioral data session index with several hundreds or thousands of search terms, products added to cart, ordered, etc.

In the long run, it will slow down requests performed on the behavioral data indices up to generate 429 errors on your Elasticsearch/OpenSearch server preventing you to use, for instance, the Elasticsuite Search Usage analytics dashboard.
This release contains both a fix to prevent the collection of those ill-formed events and two Magento commands to be able to check and fix your already indexed behavioral data.

Check the presence of invalid behavioral data

You can run the elasticsuite:tracker:check-data Magento command to scan your behavioral indices for invalid data.
It will scan the behavioral data indices of all the active Magento store views and report if there are any errors.

If there are errors for a given store, they will be reported, as seen below :


Fix the invalid behavioral data.

If the elasticsuite:tracker:check-data command reports error, you can run the elasticsuite:tracker:fix-data command to fix the invalid data from your behavioral indices.
It will report what has been fixed.

For instance, on the same example as seen above, here are the results :

If there was nothing to fix, the command has no effect :


As for the system message that can pop in your Magento admin interface when you have “Ghost Indices”, we might in a future release make sure that admin users are made aware of existing invalid behavioral data without having to launch the elasticsuite:tracker:check-data Magento command.

☑️ Features

Core modules

      • [Configuration] Added configuration for ssl verification

      • [Tracker] Tools to check and fix invalid behavioral data

      • [Tracker] Prevent partial/invalid events to be indexed

    Premium modules

        • [Tracker] Smart behavioral data session fixer

        • [Documentation] Updated READMEs of premium modules

      🐞 ## :bug: Fixes Fixes

      Core modules

          • [Analytics] PHP8 compatibility popular search terms with results

          • [GraphQL] allow drill-down in categories agg. of products query

          • [Search Merchandizing] Show back hidden products in preview

          • [Catalog] Typo in decimal layered navigation filter

          • [Thesaurus] limit thesaurus rewriting loops

          • [Thesaurus] Rewriting loops avoidance unit tests

          • [Tracker] undefined array key date for elasticsuite tracker event index

          • [Tracker] Remove ‘domain’ parameter from tracker

        Premium modules

            • [BehavioralAutocomplete] Prevent PHP8 type error when no products for a search term

            • [Explain] Support of Thesaurus performance optimisation limit rewriting cycles

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