Releases 2.11.5 to & 2.10.19 to

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Sort Pagebuilder Products widgets by behavioral data metrics

It is now possible to sort products according to behavioral data metrics in Products PageBuilder widgets.

Ability to disable indexing behavioral data into products per store ( and

A new master switch setting is available to disable the collection of behavioral data when reindexing products in “Stores > Configuration > Elasticsuite > Behavioral data“.
This new setting “Enabled” (set to Yes by default) allows you to disable for a given store, if need be, the collection of behavioral data relative to products (number of views, sales, conversion rate) when reindexing them.
This can be useful if you know your Elasticsuite tracker has an issue on a specific store/theme so much that it causes issues when doing a full reindex.

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Additional KPIs in Analytics > Search Usage

KPIs about category views, product views, products added to cart and sales event are now extracted from your behavioral data and visible in the “Analytics > Search Usage dashboard“.

Removal of the hardcoded ‘sku’ field from exact queries filtering part

Historically, when filtering (not scoring !) results, exact match queries always targeted at least the search collector field (containing all searchable attributes content) and the sku field, whatever search weight was assigned to the sku field.

  • on one hand, we have introduced back in releases 2.10.17 and 2.11.3 (experimental) settings to specifically target in that filtering query part all fields using the reference search analyzer (used by the sku attribute by default)
  • on the other hand, you might be in a situation where you do not want at all the sku to be searchable

we have decided to remove that hardcoded sku in exact queries filtering part.

Long story short, if your users frequently perform searches by SKU and you’re still using the reference analyzer for that attribute, we urge you to go enable the following Search Relevance settings listed below :

  • Elasticsuite > Search Relevance > Spellchecking Configuration > Term Vectors Configuration > Use all tokens from term vectors
  • Elasticsuite > Search Relevance > Spellchecking Configuration > Term Vectors Configuration > Use reference analyzer in term vectors
  • Elasticsuite > Search Relevance > Relevance Configuration > Exact matching configuration > Use default analyzer in exact matching filter query

Ability to set custom number of primary shards and replicas by index type

If you’re using a 3 nodes cluster in your production environment, you could have been tempted to set 3 primary shards and 2 replicas in the legacy Elasticsuite base settings.
While it is our opinion that having multiple primary shards is hardly necessary unless you really have a sizeable product index, it is now possible to go this route while keeping usually light indices (categories, thesaurus, and tracker indices on low traffic sites) with a single primary shard.
It is now possible to definer per index type the number of primary shards and replicas of indices.

This will allow you to minimize the memory footprint per node of opened shards/indices in your cluster (the rule of thumb being that 1 GB of Heap is required per node per 20 shards just for those indices being opened).

Admin notifications about invalid tracker events and automated removal

Releases and introduced some protections to avoid indexing invalid tracker events missing unique visitor or session ids into the behavioral data indices (as well as CLI tools to remove those already indexed).
Those invalid tracker events were left in the Elasticsuite tracker DB table with a flag is_invalid = 1.
This release introduces a cronjob task that will automatically and periodically remove them and a notification system to warn you about their existence (if you want to investigate the potential issue in your tracker tags).

You also have the ability to remove all of them at once.

Switching to the OpenSearch PHP client (2.11.5)

Due to breaking changes in the Elasticsearch PHP client on one side and our comitment for the 2.11.x releases to be still compatible with Elasticsearch 7 and Elasticsearch 8 as well as to ensure our compatibility with a growing installation base of Magentos using OpenSearch on the other side, we’ve decided to switch to the OpenSearch PHP client which addresses all flavours (ES 7, ES 8, OS 1, OS 2) seamlessly.

Changes to the way the elision/contraction is managed in fulltext search ( and

We fixed the elision/contraction management for French, Italian and Catalan when indexing/searching content.

Historically the text analyzers for those languages were supposed to ignore the elision/contraction of some articles or pronouns but didn’t due to an improper order of text transformation components.
This could be problematic if you had a Minimum Should Match lower than 100%

For instance :

  • in French: l'avion (mandatory form of “le avion” – “the plane”) was supposed to be indexed as avion (plane) but was still indexed as l avion, so searching for l'avion bleu vole could match l'écureuil bleu vole with a 75% minimum should match (matches on lbleu and vole)
  • in Italian: comedia dell'arte was supposed to be indexed as comedia arte but was indexed as comedia dell arte
  • in Catalan: l'avi (the grandfather) was supposed to be indexed as avi (grandfather) but was indexed as l avi

This release fixes that issues and now the following elisions/contractions will be removed as intended :

Should this changes affect you negatively, please be aware that you can override those settings (as all of those in the elasticsuite_analysis.xml configuration file) in a custom module.
Feel also free to let us know, especially about the configuration Italian and Catalan since we are not native speakers and we are just following official Elasticsearch recommendations.



Elasticsuite Premium

  • [BehavioralData] New master switch settings to disable collection of behavioral data when reindexing products
  • [BehavioralData] Avoid issue with new master switch if global behavioral data is enabled
  • [Catalog, Behavioral Data] Allow to use behavioral data in PageBuilder
  • [Search] Init Neural Search module

Elasticsuite Open Source

  • [Analytics] Additional product/category/sales KPIs
  • [Community] Integrating HS form in dashboard. ( and
  • [Config] Make getIndicesSettingsConfigParam public.
  • [Config] update of BO comment LU-140 related to SSL certificate validation and OpenSearch (2.11.5)
  • [Core] Replace the Elasticsearch client by the Opensearch client (2.11.5)
  • [Core] Feature custom number of shards replicas
  • [Core] Append default CONFIG cache tag to ES configuration and also a generic ES cache tag
  • [Core] Enable Elasticsuite ES cache tag automatically.
  • [Cache] Add cache on search query building
  • [GraphQL] Add suggestions in GraphQl results
  • [LayeredNavigation] Optimize “see more” action on navigation filter
  • [Search] Allow configurable msm for fuzzy search
  • [Search] Remove hardcoded SKU from query builder since new options should allow to explicitely target it
  • [Search] Introducing knn query (
  • [Search] Adding knn field config (
  • [Thesaurus] Add a warning message for existing terms in other thesaurus ( and
  • [Tracker] Automated removal of queued invalid events

🐞 ## :bug: Fixes Fixes

Elasticsuite Premium

  • [AB Campaign] Fix Optimizer Applier
  • [AB Campaign][Analytics] Dashboard display cosmetics update (2.10.19, 2.11.5)
  • [Catalog] Fix widget loader
  • [Explain] Remove systematical strtolower on search query string
  • [Explain] Remove type parameter from percolator request (2.11.5)
  • [InstantSearch] Never open sessions when rendering thumbnails in instantsearch
  • [Instant Search] Add option to activate fullpage cache

Elasticsuite Open Source

  • [Analytics] Make the dashboard display handle long search terms (2.10.19 and 2.11.5)
  • [Analytics] Exclude search usage chart type from i18n ( and
  • [Layered Navigation] Fixes Compatibility with Elasticsearch 8.11 #3148 Replacing _term agg sort order by _key (2.10.19 and 2.11.5)
  • [Optimizer] Clean Applier Definition
  • [Search] Fix french stemmer on “clef/clefs” and better elision management ( and
  • [Spellchecker] Fix multi index by alias error
  • [Tracker] Ensuring tracker provided store_id is numeric.
  • [VirtualCategories] Add isActiveFilter to prevent disabled categories from being found

🧰 Quality

Elasticsuite Premium

  • [Quality] Fixing composer cache
  • [Quality] Fixing license tags

Elasticsuite Open Source

  • [Quality] Spellchecker unit tests
  • [Quality] Allow own mapping impl. by using interface instead of mapping directly
  • [Quality] M2 2.4.7 compatiblity: Adding missing parameter into constructor