Why Elasticsuite Partnered with Hyvä: A Strategic Move for Merchants and the Magento Ecosystem

As the creators of Elasticsuite, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge search solutions that enhance the user experience and drive performance for Magento-based e-commerce platforms. We are always on the forefront of innovation and two years ago we already saw how Hyvä was a game changer for Magento 2 frontend.

We announced our strategic partnership with Hyvä, and since, our our shared vision of optimizing performance, boosting merchant success, and fostering innovation within the Magento ecosystem has been holding true.

Our clients say it best !

 The proof is in the pudding! Since our first partnership announcement, plenty of merchants have been building amazing Product Discovery experiences with ElasticSuite & Hyvä. Actually there are more than 700 Magento stores running ElasticSuite + Hyvä ! 

Here are some of our shared references:

Retif :

  • Country: France
  • Industry Vertical: Retail: supplier for business equipment and store fittings
  • Business Model: B2B direct channels including mail order, phone, and eCommerce
  • Annual Online Revenue: approx €50M

All4running :

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Industry Vertical: Sports and Outdoor: retailer for running gear and accessories
  • Business Model: B2C through direct channels such as eCommerce and physical stores
  • Annual Online Revenue: approx €20M

Valmont :

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Industry Vertical: Beauty and Cosmetics: luxury skincare and beauty products
  • Business Model: B2C and B2B via direct channels, including eCommerce and high-end retail stores
  • Annual Online Revenue: approx €20M

MegaDental :

  • Country: France
  • Industry Vertical: Health: supplier for Dentists
  • Business Model: B2B direct channels including mail order, phone, and eCommerce
  • Annual Online Revenue: approx €30M
  • Check also their showcase in the Hyvä blog.
“We chose Smile ElasticSuite for our Magento 2 e-commerce site because of its exceptional search performance, ease of configuration and use, and flexibility. The solution has transformed our search engine, enhancing the user experience with fast and relevant searches. Additionally, the responsive technical support and active community have been very helpful to us. Its integration into Hyvä is further facilitated by the compatibility module, with all the important features for us (optimizer, virtual categories, etc…) available 'out of the box.' Since the integration, we have noticed a significant increase in our conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Smile ElasticSuite is a crucial strategic choice for optimizing an e-commerce site.”
Julien Anquetil
Julien Anquetil
Julien Anquetil - Software Development Manager - Megadental

Shared Vision of Performance and User Experience

Elasticsuite and Hyvä are united by a common goal: to enhance the performance and user experience of Magento stores. While Elasticsuite focuses on delivering fast, relevant, and flexible search capabilities, Hyvä revolutionizes the front-end experience with its lightweight and high-performing theme. By partnering with Hyvä, we have been aligning our strengths to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses both search functionality and front-end performance.

  • Enhanced Page Load Times: Hyvä’s streamlined and efficient front-end significantly reduces page load times. Combined with Elasticsuite’s fast and accurate search results, this ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Modern and Simplified Development: Hyvä’s use of modern technologies like Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS simplifies front-end development, making it more intuitive for developers. Elasticsuite’s robust and customizable search solution integrates seamlessly with this modern stack, providing developers with powerful tools to create exceptional e-commerce experiences.

Benefits for Merchants

The partnership between Elasticsuite and Hyvä brings numerous benefits to merchants, empowering them to create high-performing and user-friendly online stores.

  • Increased Sales and Conversion Rates: Faster load times and improved search functionality are proven to enhance user experience, leading to higher sales and conversion rates. By leveraging the strengths of both Elasticsuite and Hyvä, merchants can optimize their stores for better performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Cost-Effective Development: Hyvä’s simplified development process reduces the time and effort required to build and maintain Magento stores. This, combined with Elasticsuite’s easy-to-implement search solutions, results in cost savings for merchants, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Both Elasticsuite and Hyvä are designed to handle large catalogs and complex e-commerce requirements. This partnership ensures that merchants can scale their stores seamlessly while maintaining optimal performance and search capabilities.

Advancing the Magento Ecosystem

Our partnership with Hyvä represents a significant step forward for the Magento ecosystem, fostering innovation and setting new standards for performance and user experience.

  • Driving Innovation: By collaborating with Hyvä, we are contributing to a culture of innovation within the Magento community. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in e-commerce, inspiring other developers and solution providers to think creatively and strive for excellence.
  • Community and Support: Both Elasticsuite and Hyvä are dedicated to fostering growth and innovation within the Magento community. We are focused on providing robust Open Source solutions that empower developers and merchants to excel, ensuring they have access to top-tier tools and technologies for success.
  • Setting New Standards: This partnership sets a new benchmark for what Magento stores can achieve in terms of performance and user experience. By combining our expertise, we are raising the bar for the entire ecosystem, encouraging others to adopt best practices and innovative solutions.



Our partnership with Hyvä was a strategic move that did bring immense value to merchants and the Magento ecosystem as a whole. 

By aligning our strengths, we are offering a powerful and comprehensive solution that enhances performance, user experience, and development efficiency. 

We are still excited about the future of this collaboration and are committed to continuing our efforts to drive innovation and excellence within the Magento community.

If you want to install ElasticSuite on your Hyvä Store, simply follow our standard installation instructions

Then install the compatibility module with composer (hyva-themes/magento2-smile-elasticsuite) or through the Hyvä Gitlab.